Things We Thought We'd Never Do

“Before having kids my husband and I would go out to dinner and see these families with small children on electronics and say, ‘When we have kids we will NOT do that! There’s no way our children will sit with an iPad, phone, kindle, etc while out with the family.’


Fast forward to the present.

We were out when our son was around 2 years old. We were trying to enjoy a little adult conversation and a meal, but as we all know that doesn’t happen with a 2-year-old! So there we were, at a crossroads. My husband said, ‘Let’s just try a show on your phone.’ We both laughed, pulled it out and quickly realized why so many parents do this. He was happy, we were happy and we enjoyed a fun evening out.” – Chelsea

“Never thought I’d let the kids get so messy! Play in the dirt, mud, water, eat in the back seat of the car … clothes get ruined! I literally don’t care about any of that and I thought I would. They are just so entertained when making messes outside so I let them, MOST of the time!” – Jenilee

“I never thought I would EVER be the parent that jumps up and down, cheers, claps and even blows party horns when my toddlers peed and pooped in the toilet bowl. I always thought potty training would be just another normal thing that we would do as parents. My kids would be ready, we would do the necessary training steps and it would be over in three days … wrong. Sometimes our littles just don’t get it for a bit. Sometimes it doesn’t ‘just click.’ So until it does, prepare to do a bunch of dancing, yahoo-ing, jumping, and lots and lots of praising!” – Lauren


Pay You More: Behind the Video

Babysitters … we ALL need them, BUT we ALL seem to have the same favorite and ALL need her at the same time … who’s been here before?!

Our new project, “Pay Your More,” was written for all of those precious moms out there that just need a break but their “go-to” babysitter is not available.

Going into this second project with The Texting Yoga Pants, I really wanted it to be funnier than the last. I laughed out loud, a lot, thinking about all of the material we could write and sing about! I have to give credit where credit is due though and tell you that ultimately the idea of “bribing a babysitter” was my husband’s idea. I knew I wanted to write to Sam Hunt’s song “Take your Time,” (I do love a good talking song) after a conversation I had with The Pants.

In true scattered Lauren fashion, I finished the song at the last minute (with the help of my sweetie, Spencer, and Tate Cunningham), booked our shoot at the last minute (I am sure you can guess how much fun it is coordinating with 5 moms’ schedules) and Bill Filipiak, my INCREDIBLE production EVERYTHING man, and I got the treatment done and shot sheet finalized … also, just in the nick of time.

BUT…everything went off without a hitch and it was filmed in about 11 hours. Between the five of us we were working around two kids’ school Christmas parties, a move, family in town, naps, etc. (Moms Get. It. Done.)

I am in love with this entire process! I think the other gals love it too … but you will have to ask them:)